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Dr. Jack E. Thomas, Ph.D.,HSPP Re-Opens Clinical Office in Bloomington @ 4307 East Third Street (Parkridge East)

Dr. Thomas is pleased to announce he has re-opened his clinical practice in Bloomington. He also continues his work as a Medical Expert for Federal Administrative Law Judges primarily in Indianapolis. He continues as Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Development at Martin University.

He resumes direct clinical practice in Bloomington (his home) to provide needed mental health services to the community.

Dr. Thomas specializes in providing services for patients suffering depressive illness, bereavement and dysthymia (persistent depression).  He will see adult and adolescent clients by appointment only. Dr. Thomas is former CEO of the Non-Diet Diet Center that operated in Bloomington and Washington DC. He is eager to provide services for such patients coping with psychological barriers that interfere with weight loss progress.

Please call for an appointment.

Call 812-325-6877

The Race For Prosperity Continues In America/The World – Much Depends On Who Has Credentials!

by, Dr. Jack E. Thomas, Ph.D., HSPP

I am working on an article for publication that will detail the overall progress and the relative progress African Americans have made in both higher educational attainment and professional specialty participation in the U.S. job market.

Unfortunately, the news is not all good!

In these areas African Americans are still running far behind White Non-Hispanic   Americans.  In 1960, for example Whites were almost twice as likely as African Americans to possess a Bachelor’s degree or more and unfortunately in 2011 (the most recent NCES data available) Whites are still nearly twice as likely as African Americans to possess a Bachelor’s degree or more.

This is a significant problem particularly in the new millennium where knowledge and technical know-how is king.  It has been true for some time but certainly within the last 50 years higher education has been the surest path to financial success and the American Dream!

Joining the ranks of the professional class is the gateway to numerous opportunities for a better life!

African Americans are running but not fast enough to catch-up!

Asian Americans are sprinting far past White Non-Hispanic Americans.

Hispanic Americans are moving forward with steady gains in higher education!

All Americans will have to do more in higher education!  As the President noted recently the U.S. not long ago led the world in percentage of citizens ( age 25 and over ) with Bachelor’s degrees.  We now trail 14 other countries and this isn’t good in a very competitive world!

Coming soon!

More data – Some solutions to this vexing problem!

Peer Mentor: Deja Foster


Welcome New College Peer Mentor To


aaaaDEJA 010

Deja Foster


Déjà received an Indiana Twenty-first Century Scholarship

She is a graduate of Tech H.S. – Career Technology Magnet Program

She earned a CNA certificate

That career program’s stated mission “to provide a learning environment where integrity, technology skills, and academic excellence prevail…to inspire students to reach their full potential…”  The program is located on the historic Arsenal Technical High School Campus.

Her grandfather, William D. Thomas (also a Tech H.S. graduate) comments “Willa and I are so proud of our granddaughter’s accomplishment.  We definitely feel she has earned her success though her maturity and hard work.  My daughter, Bridget, has done a great job supporting and encouraging Déjà in the right direction.  We all wish her a successful and happy life.” congratulates Déjà Foster and we look forward to following her success at Indiana State University.

Dr. Jack E.  Thomas, Ph.D., HSPP, CEO

& Founder,



Nearly Half Of Our Recommended Top Jobs Require OR Prefer An Advanced Degree



U.S. College Graduation Rate Trails 14 Other Countries

U.S. College Graduation Rate Now Trails 14 Other Developed Countries.

A Wall Street Journal article, April 26, 2012 indicates low college graduation rates threaten U.S. global economic leadership and contributes to the erosion of the middleclass.

The following developed countries have college graduation rates higher than the U.S. for those in the 25-34 year old age range based on 2009 data.  Reported in order:

01. Korea

02. Canada

03. Japan

04. Russia

05. Ireland

06. Norway

07. New Zealand

08. U.K.

09. Austria

10. Denwmark

11. France

12. Israel

13. Belgium

14. Sweden

Also, in 1970 only 5% of 25 year olds had less education than the same sex parent.  Now 18% of men and 13% of women have less education than their same sex parent.

Mr. David Townsend, MSW, QMHP, Child/Adolescent Therapist

David Townsend - Child / Adolescent Social Worker
David Townsend


Child / Adolescent Social Worker

Institutional Affiliation

Indianapolis Public Schools and Sociology Department at Ivy Tech State College

David Townsend, MSW, QMHP career educator is an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and on crossing socioeconomic lines in education, work, and for social change.

David has invested nearly a decade instructing adults and out-of-school youths in reading, writing, speaking English, basic mathematical calculations so they might solve problems well enough to become active participants in society, to hold a job, and to further their education. He has worked in formats ranging from manuals, CD-ROMs, online instruction, and classroom/ presentation-based training. He has also enjoyed a consulting practice that has him involved at many levels in curriculum design projects, including conceptualization, planning, project management, storyboarding, scripting, sequencing the instructional experience, learning objectives, writing content, creating media enhancements, interface design, assessment questions, and learner feedback analysis. Other content areas have included early childhood literacy, adult literacy and behavioral intervention strategies.

Following employment in the fields of psychiatric social work and addictions, David has taught at Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. Along with these formal employment undertakings, David has worked with varying community groups on issues of immigration, employment, education, criminal justice, feminism, anti-racism, health and other critical issues impacting individuals and groups. David’s research interests and community work continue to address the structural and complex issues that impede social justice and equitable treatment for marginalized populations.

A spirited educator, David is founder of Project 180, a community-based, multi-site adult literacy and empowerment program. David became known for helping students from all economic backgrounds achieve academic success and in 1999 received The Spirit of Philanthropy Award from Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy for his voluntary work with impoverished communities.

He received his B.A. from Indiana University, earned a master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis.

Career accomplishments of which I am most proud:

Life is filled with milestones.

When looking back over my life, it is really difficult to pinpoint a single achievement of which I am most proud. After all, it is not the individual achievement that has shaped me; it is the accumulation of life’s triumphs and disappointments that make me who I am.

I have been extremely fortunate in my career and have seized opportunities that allowed me to flex muscles I didn’t even know I had. My experiences have been diverse and challenging, even daunting at times. I have reveled in small achievements and suffered through big struggles. I have trained new staff, motivated weary teams, and celebrated with them as they realized their own personal goals. I have worked with incredible mentors who have taken me under their wings, helped me to better understand the dynamics of higher education. They prodded me along, encouraged me to take professional risks that have paid off handsomely.

One accomplishment that I remain proud of is the establishment of Project 180. A program designed to empower low-income individuals to tackle the issue of literacy and poverty. I was given the opportunity to be instrumental in nurturing systemic change in the educational, economic and community systems that oftentimes produce and perpetuate poverty.

Project 180 is an educational experience designed to be used with a comprehensive program of client social services. The specific focus of Project 180 is the acquired mindsets of clients, which interferes with their efforts to escape the conditions of poverty they are experiencing. The program was designed to assist groups of individuals to free themselves from their past and to seek, find and keep good paying jobs.

Early life experiences that set me on a course of achievement:

In the second grade, I happened upon a book that literally revolutionized my way of thinking: Oh, the Places you’ll go! By Dr. Seuss

What I really enjoy about my current endeavors:

I have the opportunity to assist others in moving their lives forward.

The biggest challenge students face in career preparation:

There is lots of talk about the global financial situation, slowed economic growth and rising unemployment. Unfortunately this is the situation new graduates find themselves facing when looking for a job. I say keep your eyes fixed and your chin up. The real challenge will be seeing opportunity even in these times – continuing to persevere and remaining confidant. Remember; never let go of your dreams.

Helpful hints for preparing for my field:

In many areas a network is a valuable commodity. Many new jobs are gained through one’s network. Accordingly, it can be very useful to build up a network of contacts in the chosen career area. Take unpaid internships, employment in an effort to build competency and confidence all the while build your network base.

Some general achievement advice:

Posses the belief that anything is possible. Regardless of my circumstances and sometimes even in spite of them, I have always believed in possibilities – that alone has made all the difference.

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